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We help crafts businesses and specialist companies to reach the future employees they want for their company by targeting them digitally on social media. Use the potential and efficiently attract highly qualified employees via social media. Benefit from the expertise of your external recruiting department.
About us


By employing "Mitarbeiterscout", you, as a craftsman or a specialist company, profit from the proven concepts of online marketing adapted to a competitive labour market.
Did you know that 7 out of 10 employees are dissatisfied in their job?
This means: There is no shortage of skilled workers, but a lack of visibility of attractive alternatives.
With Mitarbeiterscout's digital concepts, you can reach your dream employees - even if they are not actively looking for a new job.
Tell us about your dream applicant, briefly describe the job and then look forward to numerous applications and target-oriented interviews with your future employees.

Thanks to Mitarbeiterscout, your desired candidates will actively contact you while you can relax and focus on your day-to-day business.


Your advantages with Mitarbeiterscout

Targeted approach

With our cooperation, you can reach your future employees. After defining a specific target group, we create a strategy that will appeal to your desired candidates, inspire them and encourage them to apply.

Transparent costs

Mitarbeiterscout is your innovative, external HR department and, therefore, your flexible solution. We talk openly about your goals and budget in a personal meeting. Because in the digital world ads are charged per click, you get exactly the strategy that fits your company and budget.
Im persönlichen Gespräch reden wir offen über Ihre Ziele und Ihr Budget.
Weil in der digitalen Welt Anzeigen pro Klick berechnet werden, erhalten Sie genau die Strategie, die zu Ihrem Unternehmen und Budget passt.

Results-oriented work

With Mitarbeiterscout you achieve 3 goals: The recruiting service makes your work
Der Recruiting-Service macht Ihre Arbeit

✓ more effective,
✓and delivers optimal results.

Regular reports guarantee that, together, we are on the right track to your future employees.

Discover the many other benefits of an external recruiting team with many years of marketing experience.

Click on the button and arrange your free, no-obligation initial consultation.
Here, you will find out which strategy we will use to find the ideal employees for your company as well.


Result-oriented methods for your future dream employees

Mitarbeiterscout offers you a complete all-round carefree package to quickly and effectively inspire your dream employees for your company. In the past and thanks to our result-oriented scouting approach, numerous craftsmen and specialist companies have already been able to find the employees of their dreams. Benefit from the efficient all-inclusive package from a single source:

Analysis of the desired employee
Development of a target-oriented strategy for filling the vacancy
Creation of advertisements
Placing and evaluating advertisements
Creation and publication of career pages and job advertisements
Optimisation of digital application processes
Long-term strategies to build an attractive employer image

With your individual strategy consisting of all these components, you can reach your dream employees in the easiest way possible.

Arrange your personal initial consultation now and clarify all the details.
Stop hunting, start scouting!
Our experts

These scouts will find your dream employees:

Alessandro Corominas Wittmann

The online marketing expert is the guarantor for a result-generating approach to the target group. Facebook advertising, GoogleAds, landing pages and conversion rates are among his daily tasks. Since 2014, he has been reliably achieving the desired results with a wide variety of campaigns.

With this know-how, he ensures that numerous future employees will contact you.

Kerk Behrens

The management consultant is an expert in the field of employee management and employer positioning.
He creates employee profiles that fit the company, the tasks and the team. His successes with medium-sized companies from a wide range of sectors prove him right.

With this know-how, he ensures that the right people apply to you as future employees.

The two experienced professionals therefore complement each other ideally. In addition, a whole team of advertising experts works to reach your desired employee in the fastest, cheapest and most effective way.

This makes the results-oriented recruiting department not only a simple, but also a promising alternative to head-hunters and co.

Check the item "find employees" off your to-do list and benefit from the targeted possibilities of social networks.

Arrange your free and non-binding initial consultation now and get to know the strategies of the MitarbeiterScouts for skilled trades and specialist companies in person.